RsyncXSyncing folders from your Mac to another source is extremely easy with RsyncX. RsyncX can even create entire bootable backups of your hard drive.

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That’s right, “bootable”. Plug a removable USB hard drive in and sync your entire hard drive to the USB hard drive, choose the RsyncX options to make the drive bootable and you have a completely bootable backup system available at a moment’s notice.

Don’t kidd yourself about making a bootable full system backup; that 40GB firelite USB you’ve got laying around probably won’t cut it. Make sure the USB you are backing up to is comfortably larger than your Mac’s source hard drive. If you partition the USB before you begin your full system backup, you can still drop quick files onto it for simple storage or transfer.

My favorite thing about RsyncX? Its free.

"Sync Folders On Your Mac With RsyncX" by Tommy was published on February 5th, 2007 and is listed in Mac OS X.

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Comments on "Sync Folders On Your Mac With RsyncX": 5 Comments

  1. Tim wrote,

    The Link to the site to download RSyncX is invalid

  2. Kenny wrote,

    All links to download sites for rsyncx_v2.1.tgz are invalid or fail. Most frustrating!

  3. Orangina49 wrote,

    Agreed, really frustrating, looked into other alternatives for the rsync Gui for mac.
    i need to resign and use the rsync with terminal.

    We need developers ! Help !

  4. Fraccy wrote,

    I found it at tucows:

  5. Orangina49 wrote,

    Thank you ! got it now.

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