Shifter Theme For Wordpress

Version 1.8 Released! Enjoy Shifter For Free!

Shifter is a powerful Wordpress Theme System that allows you to choose virtually any functional look or layout for your site with the flip of a switch. No longer do you have to struggle for hours searching theme after theme for the right look and layout for your site. Just watch the movie and see how Shifter changes everything.

New Features Added To Version 1.8

  • Shifter Focus System - control your images and ads like never before.
  • Shifter Power Tabs - execute php and other plugin code within the Shifter Tabs network.
  • Shifter Ad Widgets - manage and display your ads in an easy, convenient widgetized format.
  • My Skin - manage your Shifter skin changes through the My Skin System.
  • Blog-Portal-Excerpt Plate - display excerpts on your frontpage with thumbnails and the Featured Tab Block.
  • Additional skins - choose from 27 skins with the flip of a swtich.
  • Thumbnails - automatic post thumbnail site wide integration.

New Features Added To Version 1.7

  • Choose to show second sidebar on a page type basis.
  • Choose between three types of “Shifter Plates”. “Shifter Plates” are styles for your home page that are different than the rest of your blog layout. The three home page styles or “Plates” are “Blog”, “Blog-Portal” and “Portal”.
  • Custom Shifter Featured Tab Block - a featured tab block can be displayed that will pull featured posts from selected categories and display out of your normal blog sequence above your main post content. A widgetized version of the tab block can be dropped into any of Shifter’ 13 module positions.
  • Choose to show excerpts or full posts on category pages from the Shifter Settings page.
  • Choose between three border shapes for your main content column and comment sections. Rounding corners has never been easier than flipping a switch.
  • Choose from 9 module shapes that can be applied to individual module locations. Round corners, round bottoms, square tops with backgrounds… the list goes on. All styling is done with the flip of a switch from the Shifter Settings page.
  • Choose to show module positions on a page type basis. Don’t want to show the User 1 module on the home page but instead would like to appear on single post pages? No problem, flip the switch and your done.
  • New skins
  • Integrated, extensive, graphical, onboard help files accessible from your Wordpress admin panel unlock the full potential of the most advanced Wordpress Theme System on the planet.

Watch “Welcome to Shifter”

The Dream Tool For Bloggers

Choose from 4 page width layouts for your site:

  • 750px
  • 950px
  • 974px
  • 100% fluid width

Choose from 7 sidebar widths and positions:

  • No sidebars
  • Sidebar left 160px
  • Sidebar left 180px (default)
  • Sidebar left 300px
  • Sidebar right 180px
  • Sidebar right 240px
  • Sidebar right 300px

Choose from 6 optional second sidebar or third column configurations for your layout:

  • None (default)
  • 50/50 (main content column split in half for content and sidebar)
  • 66/33 (main content column split 66% content - 33% sidebar)
  • 33/66 (main content column split 33% content - 66% sidebar)
  • 75/25 (main content column split 75% content - 25% sidebar)
  • 25/75 (main content column split 25% content - 75% sidebar)

Choose from 15 skins packaged with the Shifter download to customize the look of your page elements. Once you choose the perfect structural layout for your site, flip a switch and change the skin. Shifter downloads with 15 advanced css skins to set your site apart. Changing the look of your site has never been easier.

Customize your site further with Shifter’s 13 available module positions. Module positions unlock the hidden potential in your Wordpress site. Module positions hold widgetized content to improve the look and layout of your site. Click to see Shifter’s module positions.

Shifter also has total built in SEO (search engine optimization). Shifter is built for speed, efficiency and results.

Shifter also has the ability to disable the Shifter sidebar shift effect and lock your site configuration to provide a static look for visitors. Choose to display the Standard or Alternate shift effect order to new visitors.

Custom Widgets

The Shifter Logo Widget included with the Shifter Theme System makes changing your site logo easier than ever. No longer do you have to fumble through theme files to find the right spot to change complicated code to just load a logo for your site. Now you can activate Shifter, enter the url to your logo in the Shifter Logo Widget and you’re done! Watch this movie to see how quick changing your site logo is with Shifter.

The Shifter Toolbar Widget lets you customize your site navigation bar instantly. Customize your navigation links and toolbar placement in a matter of seconds.

Separate your site from others by styling an elegant image based navigation interface to feature categories, posts or other items on your site using the Shifter Featured Block Widget.

Nothing sets your blog apart like the Shifter Featured Tab Block Widget. The Shifter Featured Tab Block Widget is automatically and effortlessly updated to feature the most important posts on your site.

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Click Screenshots To Enlarge

  • Wordpress Theme Skin for Shifter - Over It (Glass)
  • Change between thin, wide and full width layouts without destroying your site structure.
  • Wordpress Theme Skin for Shifter - Over It (Light)
  • Choose between single or double sidebars and then shift sidebar width or position with the flip of a switch.
  • Wordpress Theme Skin for Shifter - Lizard (Dark)
  • One, two or three column layouts have never been easier.
  • Wordpress Theme Skin for Shifter - Brown
  • 15 skins let you choose the end look for your site without destroying the structure of your perfect layout.
  • Wordpress Theme Skin for Shifter - News Red
  • Shifter makes designing your site easier, faster and more enjoyable - all with the flip of a switch!

Wearing the Basic Skin for Shifter by Buzzdroid