“Game Day” is a theme series for Wordpress. “Game Day” follows the current AP (Associated Press) BCS Top 25 College Football teams. Each theme is created with the official colors of the respective teams and built on the solid core structure of our “No Complaints” theme.

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Each week, new teams to the Top 25 will be added to the series. At some point, we will more than likely begin tracking the BCS instead of the AP poll. We are now following the BCS rankings instead of the AP rankings.

If your favorite team really stinks and there is no hope of making it into the BCS this year (Sorry, Notre Dame :() we might do more versions on request.

Demos and Downloads

  1. Ohio State University [Demo] [Download]
  2. Boston College [Demo] [Download]
  3. Louisiana State University [Demo] [Download]
  4. Arizona State University [Demo] [Download]
  5. University of Oregon [Demo] [Download]
  6. University of Oklahoma [Demo] [Download]
  7. West Virginia University [Demo] [Download]
  8. Virginia Tech [Demo] [Download]
  9. University of Kansas [Demo] [Download]
  10. University of South Florida [Demo] [Download]
  11. University of Florida [Demo] [Download]
  12. University of Southern California [Demo] [Download]
  13. University of Missouri [Demo] [Download]
  14. University of Kentucky [Demo] [Download]
  15. University of Virginia [Demo] [Download]
  16. University of South Carolina [Demo] [Download]
  17. University of Hawaii [Demo] [Download]
  18. University of Georgia [Demo] [Download]
  19. University of Texas [Demo] [Download]
  20. University of Michigan [Demo] [Download]
  21. University of California [Demo] [Download]
  22. Auburn University [Demo] [Download]
  23. University of Connecticut [Demo] [Download]
  24. University of Alabama [Demo] [Download]
  25. Penn State University [Demo] [Download]

Previously Ranked Teams

User Requested Un-Ranked Teams

Each theme in the series is widgetized and ready to go. All themes are sponsored link free. Each theme contains an unstyled link to MyBiggestComplaint.com our uber-fun social site based on Wordpress. The theme is released under the GPL. The theme contains no sponsored links or malware, it does contain one of our links because we designed it. If you don’t want the link there, take it out. If you take it out, we would at least like you to drop us a note so we could see the theme in action.

Thanks to Bruinville.com for giving us the idea when they downloaded one of our other themes and customized if for UCLA.

"Wordpress Theme Release: Game Day" by Tommy was published on October 10th, 2007 and is listed in Themes.

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Comments on "Wordpress Theme Release: Game Day": 8 Comments

  1. bubazoo wrote,

    WHAT!?? no Purdue University??!!

    GOOO PURDUE!! hehe I want a Purdue theme hehe

  2. Tommy wrote,

    OK, boilermakers. Purdue is up as the first request. Enjoy.

  3. Sic'em wrote,

    Baylor will never be in the BCS in football…but since most of our other sports are pretty good we should get one too. Sic’em Bears!!

  4. Tommy wrote,

    OK Sic’em, Baylor is up.

  5. BobC wrote,

    Can you update the link for the University of Michigan theme ? The link appears to be broken.

  6. James wrote,

    thanks for the theme!

  7. Kev wrote,

    lovely themes~

  8. Denis Cheung wrote,

    Nice theme you got! Thx :)

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